Four Gifts for Lifelong Success

There are many types of gifts that we can offer others in life to make their life better. These gifts may be in the form of a reciprocal gesture, a verbal response, a present, an encouraging pat on the arm, a smile and many more.

However, our intentions are what matters at the end of the day. And these intentions should revolve around the following:

Give others Happiness: Our moods and temperaments either spiral upwards or downwards over a course of our lives. For most of us, it’s usually a roller-coaster ride of ups and downs. All of us long for happiness. So, if we are able to provide that to someone,  other’s reciprocal nature will ensure that we gain joy in return as well. So, go on. Make an effort to smile- always. We can’t please everyone all of the time but surely we can brighten someone’s day?

Give others Confidence: All of us have potentials to achieve great things in life, but most of us are not motivated or optimistic enough to spur ourselves on over our lifetime to fulfill our life goals to make this world a better place. Be that someone who will enable others to see the positive side of things, that someone who tells stories of inspiration to others, that someone who lets others know of perseverance and determination. As you go about encouraging others, you will feel encouraged too.

Give others Hope: In life, we should live life with hope and optimism – with a certain degree of pragmatism. While steering away from being a perfectionist and an idealist, we should live life knowing that things are getting better and better. Opportunities are to be seized to better our lives and challenges are to be overcome for lessons to be learnt. Let others know this, and they will offer you hopes and possibilities in return as well.

Give others Convenience: Out of these four practices, this is often considered to be the most challenging – often because it involves putting others before self. There are times when we have to be assertive enough to say “no” to others. However, if we were to examine our lives carefully, there are also times when we can say yes.  These are the moments when we should practise increasing our altruistic intentions by putting the convenience of others before ours.


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