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Dear friends,

My name is Patrick and I am an English language and life skills educator based in Singapore.

I will like to extend a note of immense gratitude to you for visiting my website. I hope that you will find the insights of my blog posts useful. There are over 300 blog posts as of 2017.

The areas which I coach students are very diverse. While I specialise in the English language, I also mentor students in other aspects of communications, such as analytical thinking, presentation skills, personality profiling, strengths-finding, commentary on international affairs, research skills, media literacy and analysis, as well as personal development.

I have taught in various polytechnics (Singapore polytechnic, Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Republic Polytechnic) in Singapore for almost ten years on subjects that include analytical thinking, media literacy, communication studies, presentation skills, as well as the English language at the secondary and junior college levels.

I personally feel that the written word is gaining more prominence and importance in this current time and age where social media and emails are thriving. I hope that all of us are able to perfect the art of writing to the point where the English language is not only a communication medium which we used to inform, educate, entertain and to persuade, but that it will also become our unique form of self-expression, and our distinct voice.

Warmest Regards,
Patrick Tay  M.A. Ed. (English Language) |B.A. (Mass Comm) (Distinction) | BComp (Merit) 
English Language and Life Skills Training Specialist

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