Tuition Services


My name is Patrick.

I am a full-time English tutor and Associate polytechnic lecturer in Singapore, with over a decade of tutoring and lecturing experiences.

I am a double degree holder in both Mass Communications (majoring in public relations and media studies) (Distinction) and Computer Science (Merit). I teach English at the secondary level, as well as the General Paper at the JC level. I also maintain an educational blog.

You can view my full academic and professional profile here.

My students’ testimonial can be viewed here.

My teaching rates are as follows:

S$45 (Lower Secondary) (Secondary 1-2)

S$50 (Upper Secondary) (Secondary 3-5)

S$60 (General Paper)

I am also open to email tuition, providing focused guidance to all secondary and JC GP students in all aspects of the English Language that includes English compositions, comprehension, editing, situational writings, critical thinking and issues analysis.

My rates for email tuition are as follows:

S$35 (Lower Secondary) (Secondary 1-2)

S$40 (Upper Secondary) (Secondary 3-5)

S$50 (General Paper)

Please contact me at if you require English tuition services and I will reply you soonest possible, thanks much.

Warmest Regards,

Patrick Tay


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