Alphabear” word game tips


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I have recently chanced upon a word game on my mobile phone by the name of “Alphabear”. It strikes me as interesting as the term ‘alpha” is usually associated with more carnivorous mammals such as wolves, so I decided to have a trial play. After dabbling with it for just a day, I find the game to be fun and more importantly, word games such as this trains players in pattern recognition (a concept which is similar to “Candy Crash”, but in letters and not so much in colour).

Some tips for this word game (which is also typical for most other word games except..well, the last advice below):

  • Increase the word length of the word: This sounds like a no-brainer but most gamers are still sticking to two- to four-letter word without putting in additional effort to construct lengthier words, where greater points usually await! In a timer mode, this may be more challenging but the bonuses that comes with it are even greater. So, gamers, please do not deny yourself the challenge, and the rewards!
  • Always lengthen the words at the end: Gamers should always strive to lengthen the words at the end. Use the knowledge of your grammatical syntax to the max! For instance, if you create the word “play”, experiment with word variations to form longer words. Some examples include “plays”, “player”, “players”. “playing”, “playful” and more! You can also explore adverbs for words such as “luck” (think “luckily”)
  • Look at the entire game board: Like Scrabble, explore the entire game board before deciding on which words you want to use. If you are not in a timed game (“Alphabear” has both timed and non-timed versions, of which you should play both), try constructing different words and see how the scores play out. Choose the word with the larger score and go with it.
  • Construct words using the tiles that is turning to stone first: In “Alphabear”, word tiles turn to stone in about 5 turns, so please make sure that these tiles are used first. If not, they will hinder the bears from turning bigger, which means scoring greater points!

On the whole, this is a very interesting game!

Like most word games, it trains the mind in mental agility and word/pattern recognition.I strongly recommend “Alphabear” as a game for language learners!

Patrick Tay is an English Language and Life Skills Training Specialist  who is based in Singapore. He has been teaching communication studies and international issues in polytechnics and writes regularly on various issues of interest in education, media, business and international affairs at He can be contacted at .


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