The Monocle Guide to Good Business

The Monocle Guide to Good Business



The second book (after “The Monocle’s Guide to Better Living“) “The Monocle Guide to Good Business”, is out.  You can also get both volumes together under the “Pump up the volume” package. This title is published by Gestalten.

“Monocle is always loved for being a company who believed in the power of print, photography and design, and that even in the midst of the changing media landscape where print media is losing the edge to online readership, people still want to feel the touch of a well-written piece of article complemented by art, and relishing the pleasure of flipping the pages of a magazine from cover to cover. “


  • Would-be business leaders
  • Entrepreneur start-ups
  • Employees of corporate organisations
  • Business and thought leaders
  • Students with entrepreneurial spirit
  • Educators


  • 300 page
  • Original photography and illustrations
  • Printed on quality paper

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