Book Review: “Finding your Element” by Sir Ken Robinson

Finding your Element

A sequel to his original book “The Element”, educationist Sir Ken Robinson continues his journey on guiding others in finding their callings in life in his latest book “Finding your Element”.

Below are some insights I have gleaned from the book pertaining to finding one’s calling in life:

  • Some find their callings early in life; some find it late. It doesn’t matter, as what’s important is taking the first step to find it.
  • Some find their callings intentionally; some find it accidentally.
  • We need to explore to find our callings in life, which also includes moving beyond geographical boundaries and exploring new activities and hobbies.
  • Our attitude matters, much more than our current circumstances and biological makeup.
  • Our aptitude and passion are keys to finding our calling.
  • Our calling in life may or may not make us much money but it almost always guarantees that we will be happy.
  • Creating or joining tribes whose values and interests are aligned with our own may expedite the process of finding our callings in life.
  • Our interests may lie in the arts and the sciences. While the former is often not considered as a mainstream and/or lucrative profession to dedicate one’s life to in certain countries,  one will often be miserable if one work just for money.

Below is a video on Sir Ken Robinson’s take on his own book:


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