The obsession with “selfism”



“Selfism” (read: the act of taking self-pics) has often been regarded as the most recent and updated trend of narcissistic behaviour. However, to be fair, humans have been drawing attention to themselves for ages, engaging in acts such as personal branding, blogging, postings of personal adventures on Facebook, “twitting” on Twitter and many more.

As the world turns visual while camera phones replace candid  cameras and DSLRs, it is inevitable that self-taken pics become one of the primary mediums of communication and well, attention-seeking devices if you like.

Isn’t social media designed for attention-seeking? Just kidding!

“Attention-seeking” often have negative connotations associated with it, from a children who like to cry in class to networking business professionals who love distributing name cards at social events more than engaging in casual banters with acquaintances, few ever like to be associated with this term.

Nevertheless, if we were to look inside ourselves, all we want is to be happy and to be loved by others, isn’t it? Even babies shout out for attention when they are hungry.

So, Selfies, be happy and feel loved – with or without those cameras.”


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