How to teach Anything to Anyone

How to teach anyone anything


Noteworthy quotes:

Setting structured and clear objectives 

“So often people fail in teaching before they start because they don’t have a clear plan. Successful teaching requires structured content with clear objectives and milestones. “

Getting visual

“The best way to expedite learning is to create detailed documents, videos and pictures that demonstrate exactly how a process should be done….Make the content clear and engaging

Some of the best presentations remain unstructured..or at least, it comes down to the personality of the presenters

“I am always baffled how the most interesting and entertaining people suddenly become lifeless and dull when they have structured material to present. ” (Note: Most creatives are unstructured, but humourous)

Use Humour, visuals and storytelling

“Use humor, visuals and storytelling to encode the messages. If you make it entertaining, you’ll engage the learners and yourself so everyone is present..”

Why lectures almost never work

“Lecture is statistically the least effective method for content delivery. People lose interest or get distracted and ultimately retain less information.”

Why being interactive works

“Give them exercises that encourage them to ask questions and demonstrate tasks so they can absorb the material in a meaningful way.”

Learning more from failures than successes

“Since people can learn more from failure than from success, provide frequent, specific feedback laced with encouragement and praise.”

Letting go to inculcate lifelong and independent learning

“Once your learner can self-correct, let him or her fly solo so you can go find something new to learn with your freshly-gained time.”


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