Ben Stiller’s most entertaining and thought-provoking movie..yet

“Shedding his comical style and usual hilarious antics, Ben Stiller takes on one of his most challenging roles to date – as a resigned corporate employees delegated to the musty basement of a declining organisation.

A seasoned daydreamer who has everything he wants in his fantasy world but who reeks of boredom in real life, his life took a change for the better when he meets a photographer who weds a passion for life with a penchant for living in the moment.

Though-provoking, sentimental, refreshing and reflective, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” will have you doing some soul-searching on your own and well, maybe an appreciative smile on your lips when you leave the theatre.

The film really lives up to its tagline: ‘Stop dreaming. Start Living’.

Live your life! I mean, really live it.

Carpe Diem!!'”


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