Polymer money, anyone?

Polymer money

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/12/19/business/international/britain-to-join-ranks-of-nations-using-plastic-currency.html?_r=0

Noteworthy quotes:

“The decline of one of the world’s greatest inventions gained momentum on Wednesday when Britain announced that the British pound, a reserve currency that has been printed on cotton-based paper for 300 years, will be made from plastic. Britain is the latest nation to replace paper bills — starting with the £5 and £10 notes — with plastic ones. Canada and Australia have already made the switch, as have about two dozen other countries.”


“In the two years since the Bank of Canada first introduced polymer bills, Paolo Di Rienzo, the owner of the impossibly crowded and chaotic deli, has developed a long list of grievances. He says the bills stick to one another. Yet he also says their slippery surface allows them to slip easily, unnoticed, out of pockets. The light, springy bills sometimes leap out of the cash register, according to Mr. Di Rienzo. And, he says, polymer does not really fold.”


“While Canada had already incorporated various holographic security devices in its paper bills, polymer enabled more complex protection. The new Canadian bills have a transparent window that contains large, color-shifting images of Parliament buildings and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth, Canada’s formal head of state, or famous Canadian politicians. Small metallic details, including the note’s denomination, also swirl around in the window. A circle of numbers appears in a second tiny window shaped like a maple leaf, the national symbol.”


“The first polymer note in Britain, a “fiver,” will be released in 2016 and will feature Winston Churchill. A year later, Jane Austen will appear on a £10 note.”


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