Book Review: “Business Reimagined” by Dave Coplin

Business Re-imagined


Published in 2013, and written by the Chief Envisioning Officer of Microsoft UK and thought leader Dave Coplin,  “Business Reimagined” is sure to enthrall both technologists and corporate employees in what freelancers in recent years have come to believe – corporate offices no longer work.

The new workplace is the world and is free from any geographical or organisational boundaries.

These observations should have been mentioned a long time ago and acted upon but I figure it takes a thought leader to really put the message across.

One point that really stands out in the book  is the fact that it’s not technology that is problematic when it comes to flexible working hour. Rather,  it’s people.

This is an aspect that has not been widely explored in current literature.  Ultimately,  it’s trust that is lacking and it’s our human nature which likes to stay in our comfort zones that impedes the possibility of working from one’s homes.  Or anywhere for that matter.

This book just highlights the problems of enabling flexible hours for corporate employees and emphasises on the importance of working from an off-site location.

It offers some food for thought but ultimately, it comes down to the possibility of changing the corporate culture of one’s organisation, which is determined – to a large extent – by senior management.


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