Evoking the archetypes of Carl Jung


I have come across the archetypes of Carl Jung on several occasions previously, but it’s only through reading the book “Brand You” by John Purkiss and David Royston Lee that I finally decided to explore the various archetypes, and decide for myself which archetypes I belong to.

The 12 common archetypes are represented here (note that some are known by more than one name):

  • The Innocent / The Child
  • The Ordinary / Common Guy/ Gal
  • The Hero
  • The Caregiver
  • The Explorer
  • The Outlaw / The Rebel
  • The Lover
  • The Creator / The Artist
  • The Jester
  • The Sage
  • The Magician
  • The Ruler

Each of these archetypes has their strengths and details can be found here.

While some may argue that each of us has one or two predominant personalities, I believe that all of us have all twelve. However, usually only one is dominant. We can leverage on this primary archetype to define our personal brand but at one point or another, evoking the other archetypes may be useful when communicating with others of varying personalities in varied situation. Nevertheless, having said that, we should always, if the situations allow,  fall back on our dominant archetype since it defines and aligns well with our values.

I have defined my archetypes as the Caregiver, the Creator, the Ordinary Guy, the Innocent and The Sage.

What are yours?


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