The decadence of reciprocity


John and Jane have met at a social event a day ago and since then, they have been communicating. 

However, Jane stopped her correspondence abruptly and no explanation was provided. John – on his end – also could not identify the reason why the correspondence has come to a sudden halt..


Lenny and Jessica have been gone on a date and Jessica mentioned that she is currently learning the ukulele. After that date, Lenny SMSed Jessica, asking her about the differences between the ukulele and the guitar. It took Jessica two to three days to respond. Figuring that she was busy, Kenny waited for a few days before asking her why she has chosen to learn the ukulele instead of the guitar. This time, Jessica failed to respond entirely..


Nicholas met one of his college high school friends ,Kenny, at a gym, and they began chatting.

Upon hearing that Kenny has been meeting up with a few of their classmates, Nicholas was overjoyed and they exchanged contacts.

After simply one SMS to Kenny, asking him to inform should there be another meet-up, Kenny did not response and Nicholas sent another SMS to remind. Again, there was no response from Kenny..


Frank and Ginny have been out on a first date and it has been great. 

On their way home, Frank was thinking of spending more time chatting with Ginny to know her better but she spotted a few of her friends a few feet away and told Frank that they should part ways there and then as she wanted to join her friends. 


In each of the situations above, it can be observed that there is an attempt to end a correspondence, the reason of which is unfathomable and enigmatic.

It seems that silence is a common way to respond in contemporary times.

However, unlike in the past, where silence is often given as a response when one is pondering on a decision, silence is now used as an alternative for rejection.

Nevertheless, when silence is used in this instance, the rejected party is left wondering what went wrong and sometimes, it is simply not socially appropriate to seek to probe or pry into the reasons for the rejections.

Open communication is scarce and it is not too far off the mark to say that open communication is  – in fact- a lost art.

In a contemporary society where silence is used as a tool to deliver rejection,  it’s not surprising that receivers use indifference as gloves to receive it.


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