The magic of numbers


Numbers are an amazing thing.

Our entire lives evolve around numbers.

Competition thrusts one into the fore while in romance, every woman wants to be to her man’s last lover.

Society thrives on large numbers though.

Extroverts are favoured precisely because they socialise with large numbers of people in a large numbers of settings.

Singles are lured towards dating events where there are large numbers of participants but who can blame them? Dating is – ultimately – a number’s game.

Companies and organisations plan their strategic expansion plans based on large financial figures – as large numbers imply lucrative deals and secure acquisitions.

Countries open their doors to tourists to improve their economic situations, and immigrants to boost their populations and labour force.

Men who have numerous girlfriends are considered to be alpha males and possess higher social value.

From the above, it can be observed that anyone who deals with small numbers are frowned upon.

Introverts are often considered unproductive because few people ever enter their inner circle socially.

Individualistic individuals who work on their own are considered a lone ranger and hence, a poor team player.

Social media members are compelled to have a large number of friends to prove their sociability.

Authors who have published a bestsellers but fail to make the grade for their follow-up titles are often dropped by their publishers as in the name of profit, sales supersedes originality.

Despite society’s inclinations to embrace plurality over singularity, there is much value in the latter.

Most masterpieces exists on their own. Consider the Mona Lisa, as well as “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy.

Introverts may have fewer friends but closer social contacts may imply that they have stronger bonding with the closed friends and loved ones around them.

Each one of us have a genetic blueprint and there is no one who is similar to us, including our twins (if we have any).

Limited editions of watches and other products imbue these products with a high level of prestige from buyers.

The topic of numbers is thus, abstract and unfathomable. Nevertheless, it does exists as an entity that serves as a beacon in which we human live our lives.

Be it physics, mathematics, engineering, architecture or game theory, numbers are omnipresent, and omnipotent. More prominently, our current wealth is determined by numbers. Even the mystic are governed by the existence of numbers. Just think numerology.

We are – in a way – directed by numbers, and the only difference are only determined by our cultural differences, diverse life upbringing, varied superstitions and specific circumstantial contexts.

While it is certainly fascination to see numbers in play in casinos and jackpot machines, it’s even more remarkable where numbers can be seen as our compass in life.


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