Story insights: Late Marriage and Family


A loving chinese mother in a pink blouse playing with her son with two water bottles shaped like a teddy bear, one in green and another in purple.

Her son in green shirt looks very young, still in his primary school days.  Probably seven or eight years old.

Before long, her daughter appeared out of nowhere to join them, donning a pink blouse similar to that of her mum’s.

Her mum left her son alone for a while and lifted her daughter up and placed her in a chair next to her, where she sat still obediently.

Once away from her mum’s grasp, her son wrestled himself free from his seat and ran around, shouting and screaming- mesmerised by the interesting scenes in his heads and living in a world of his own.

Within seconds, an adorable mum turned ugly, shouting and demanding that her son  get back to his seat, but to no avail.

The children’s dad joined them a few minutes later, and he too shouted at his son to get into line. This time, his son heeded the advice and walked slowly and resignedly back to his designated seat – next to his father.

It was then that I realised that both parents are rather old, the mum probably into her forties while her husband – while still fit and bulky in build – is in his fifties.

Late marriages – the modern trend of encouraging individualism and freedom while eroding the importance of family life and coupledom. A realm where children are considered as accessories and appendages rather than essential and mandatory, comforting support for marital bliss.


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