The advantage of doodling (Part 1)


The term “doodle” is defined by as:

i. To scribble aimlessly, especially when preoccupied

ii. kill time

It can be observed that both definitions come across as somewhat negative but if one were to plough through the net using “benefits of doodling”, it is surprising to find many articles that advocates the contrary. For instance, consider the following:

 An interesting article by TIME magazine

An insightful piece by The Smashing Magazine

Try doodling to keep the brain on task

Even Oprah has a mention of doodling on her website

And the Huffington Post offers insights into how doodling aids the learning of math

Jose Luis Anizar wraps up the benefits of doodling with his Scoop.It curating website

Such interesting articles spurs me on to conduct an experiment of my own. So, I proceeded to purchase a drawing pad and pencil to begin a doodling journey of my own. Although I sketch anime cartoons on paper when I am younger, I never considered myself a talented artist as my art works is mostly based on replication of the original (as in sketching line by line, shade by shade, from an existing piece of art). This probably explained my interest in photography later in life, as painting with light and shadows suits my artistic aspirations better.

Although doodling does not come naturally to me (as compared to some of my students), I am still intrigued by what doodling has in store for me nevertheless. I am writing this blog post in several installments, with this being the first.

My first experiment will be pure aimless visual drawing, with no signs of words, phrases, quotes, sentences whatsoever, and see where it brings me. I will treat it as a form of art and will work to decipher the benefits behind it.  My thoughts on it will be reflected in my next post.

My next experiment will combine doodling with words inserted (as in what comes to mind).

I will subsequently examine if doodling can be effective in self-analysing and/or self-healing in dating, romance, marriage, work and life.

I will then analyse the similarities and differences between the various experiments, and examine the possibilities of doodling serving as both a de-stressing and/r or therapeutic tool, as well as a great device for facts-recalling. If this proves possible, it may well debunk the “myth” that doodling are for daydreamers.

After all, daydreamers can well dream without doodling, right? So, why make Doodling Daydreaming’s partner in crime?

Till my next post.

Stay tuned. 🙂


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