On a Cruise


This is my first time going on a cruise and it sure is beautiful. Basically, I feel that there are two main attractions for “cruise-goers” – the casino and the food. As I am not a casino fan, most of my time is spent on fine dining. There are wide buffet spreads in various parts of the ship and one is free to dine in any of these venues (Chinese, Western or Mediterranean), where the menu changes daily. Casino aside, there is the entertainment aspects of the trip, where I caught the performance of a magician (Vincent Vignaud from Paris), observe a Tarot card reader, embarked on a short trip to Redang (where snorkelling and diving are common activities) where a Taiwanese movie “Summer Holiday” (2000) (starring Richie Jen and Sammi Cheng)  was filmed and saw beautiful coastlines of cities from the ship deck . The sunrise and sunset make for great photo-taking opportunities on board the cruise ship and the more interesting aspect is that this is reflected in the ship’s daily newsletter – further emphasising on the intense interest that people on the ship hold for these special moments. Singers pack the decks and cafes of the ship, belting out love ballads and pop songs that entice their audiences while children have fun in the children’s water playground at the back end of the ship.  It is indeed a different experience from taking a flight or going for a road trip. While it can be quite exhausting being confined to a seat on planes and coaches for long periods of time during the travelling process, cruises turn such glitches and hiccups into strengths as they transform the travelling process into entertainment itself- thereby making the journey more memorable and mesmerising than the destination itself. And that is its edge over other modes of travel.


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