The importance of connections


Terminal 21 (Bangkok, Thailand)

“Connections are important in most aspects of human lives. Imagine the computer nodes that enable data bytes to traverse through the cyber network. How about fishes swimming in swarms? We can listen to radio because we tune to the exact frequency. In life, there is an order that lies at the heart of it – even though sometimes it may be embedded in the midst of chaos. Believers of serendipitous moments would be more than willing to testify that fate plays a hand in the inner workings of individuals who reside on Earth, and that threads of destiny flow through every vehicle that traverses land, sea and air in any moment- creating the human pulse that is required to sustain life on the planet.

Similarly, there’s a certain truth in the saying that “no man’s an island”. Man are social creatures that depend on one another for their survival, and this is especially so in an interconnected world in a globalised economy. Mainstream media no longer holds the key to content and many knowledge and insights now stem from those you know. Malcolm Gladwell is right in identifying the connectors in his book ‘The Tipping Point‘. To achieve success in life, we require people who can open doors for us,  portals to collaborative opportunities. They are the connectors. However, this cannot be achieved through endless number of unsolicited emails or requests. One seldom entertains a stranger. Instead, trust and rapport should be built first, and the key to making connections is through personal branding and self-improvement. Only when one is willing to keep learning and be seen as someone who is worth knowing will others want to get to know them.

A recent trip to Thailand proves my point. One of my friends’ friend introduced me to local attractions of Thailand that is away from the city centre and away from the tourist crowd. One of these places is Terminal 21 (which opened in October 2011, according to Wikipedia), a nice shopping mall with a unique architecural design that resembles airport terminals, and where the escalator leading to every floor reflects arrival and departure entry points. The food and items in the shops are reasonably placed, and the cosy ambience makes for great photo-taking. The nearest train station to Terminal 21 is Asok Station. Another attraction that was introduced to me was Asiatique The Riverfront, which proves to be a great place for photography.

Connections can indeed bring you places, be it in life, business, romance or leisure. So, work on expanding your network of friends – based on mutual trust and respect.”


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