The value of Solitude


“Solitude is a term that most steer clear of because it often carries negative connotations of loneliness, arrogance, eccentricity and idiosyncrasy. In response, most turn to entertainment offered by the media to distract themselves from their inner voices that emanate from within when alone. However, there are almost always two sides to a coin in life. Solitude can also be beneficial,especially when it acts as the backdrop of our self-reflection. It  enables us to understand ourselves better and in turn, to understand others more.  More interestingly, the more notable inventions of the past often materialises from moments of solidarity. Even dreams – where some creations are conceptualized into their physical entities – are forged in solidarity, for who dreams in pairs?  So, practise self-reflection in solitude on a daily basis, and its positive effects will rub off on you gradually and progressively.”


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