In life, you need a mentor (or mentors)


“In every field of endeavour, one requires a mentor to go far in life. Personal perseverance and resilience are admirable qualities but still, dexterity and efficiency important for success are best attained through an experienced guide by one’s side paving the way. Books and personal experiences alone will not do. A large void exists between the lone ranger and the guided, and the latter will sooner reach their destinations than the former who have to seek their directions. Seek out the right mentors, and one achieves success with ease. Choose with care. Look for those whose personality and inclinations align with yours. Then persuade and convince them with your talents and abilities.

During the mentoring process, there will come a point when the proteges will leave their mentors. It is merely a matter of time, since each individual is a distinct and unique individual with diverse and differentiated talents, with different aspirations in life. Mentors and proteges should develop a sense of mutual understanding and respect during their collaborative years and when the time comes, part on friendly and amicable grounds. Nevertheless, their emotional bond should never be broken and proteges should never forget their gratitude to their mentors, keeping in frequent contacts with them. Such are the mentoring journeys of the proteges and their mentors. Great mentors understand that the very essence of mentoring is to enable their proteges to spread their wings and soar, with their achievements surpassing even that of their own mentors.”


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