Our responses reflect our personality


When it comes to gaming, I always have a fascination with a particular game genre whereby a player’s responses determine the outcome of the game, which often leaves various endings (thereby increasing its “replayability”) for the players to explore. This format of game play specifically calls for a player to decide on a response out of several others within certain time constraints in order to proceed in the game. Every response is an indicator of friendliness or hostility, and this either builds up the player’s allies or dooms him to a round of barrage and bombardment by his varied adversaries later in the game. A recent game title similar to such genre is “Mass Effect” game series, but I have never taken well to this title as it’s sci-fi – and I don’t play sci-fi, haha!

Anyways, what matters is not the nature of such games but rather, the psychological revelations beneath the games. There is almost always one type of response that we give to a question naturally and that response is a subtle indication of our personality.

Consider the following question – via a SMS:

“Do you want to watch a movie?”

Here are 5 responses from 5 different individuals:

1. “Oh yes, why not? This will be great! It will be even greater if the movie’s in 3-D! I have yet to catch a 3D film for a while now. Do you remember “Transformers”? They are doing the movie series in 3D! I wonder when “Lords of the Rings” trilogy will be released in the 3D format. I want to purchase a 3D TV as well, and would have bought it sooner if not for the hefty price tag! Oh man…..”

2. “Not tonight. Thanks much for the invite. I have a meet-up with friends. I will meet up with all of you next time. Have fun.”

3. “That will be great. Considering that this is the weekend, and the movie ticket’s pretty pricey, let’s choose our movie with care. Make sure that it’s worth it, if you catch my drift. I am thinking between “Lara Croft”, “Buried Treasure” and “From Paris, with Love”. What do you think? All 3 films are almost 2 hours in duration, some longer than that. It will be worth the money. Let’s book the tickets at The Express. I heard that they have just revamped the place and improve the audio surround systems. What do you think?”

4. “Well I don’t know……I guess it’s fine. Let’s watch in the city? But anywhere is fine with me, you know? It’s your call, I don’t mind….anything will do….”

5. “Ok. 8pm, The Express. “Transformers”. Let me know if you are all right with it. I am looking at the online booking screen now and there are only a few seats available. You got to act fast on this. Let me know ASAP. Thanks much.”

Based on our personality, it’s highly probable that only one response comes easily to us and that will be the reply we give without much thinking. And that’s what we normally do on a daily basis – operating on “automatic pilot” mode. However, through such games, one is exposed to the myriad of possible responses that can be given but which will not be apparent to us as they belong to other personality types – other than our own. Nevertheless, sometimes, the responses that we naturally give may not be the best response for specific situations. For example, if one is talking to someone who is rather lax in doing things, giving him or her a deadline in a firm manner may be a better communication style than say, merely the usual friendly banter.

Think about it. 🙂


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