Personal Recount Writing #2

Writing a story is best accompanied by an underlying emotional element. This can usually be achieved with a seasoned writing style, coupled with an in-depth understanding of psychology and human nature. 

The following story uses a first-person perspective where the writer is reunited with a long-lost friend through an accident:

The Unexpected Reunion

Fate is an unfathomable entity that seems to linger within the streams of mankind, akin to an elusive butterfly who often chooses to evade the attention of humans but gently lands on the shoulder of the one who is spiritually enlightened – who allows events to flow unimpeded by any personal resistance or friction of any kind. Serendipitous moments soon follows, linking one moment to another, and ultimately resulting in an outcome within the anticipation and expectations of the blessed.

I was not a firm believer of fate but all this changed on the Christmas evening of 2008…

Christmas decorations lined the streets of New Age Town. White, blue and pink are the colours of the night this festive season. Sparkling bulbs dazzled pedestrians doing last-minute shopping as a Santa Claus posed with a boy for a photo, before passing him a gift from the “gift” sack that he is carrying. Smiling at Santa Claus gratefully, the boy ran back to his parents who were taking the shot and all of them waved farewell to Santa Claus as the latter continued his way along the streets, handling gifts to every children that he met.

People thronged the roads and streets that night, as the ambiance was mesmerising and nostalgic, seemingly reminding one of the days long gone, where  New Age Town is seen in a different light and people were more friendly. Technological advancement and consumerism has taken its toll on the people, and the lack of interpersonal communications is the first casualty.

This was a night not to be missed and this was one of the primary reasons why I was in town for the night. Packing a Canon 60D, I am a freelance photographer on assignment to do a photo shoot for an advertising company to capture the mood of Christmas. I have always loved photography and I felt that it was such a blessing to turn a hobby into a profession, a luxury available only to the privileged few.

Just as I have just lowered myself to capture a shot of a mannequin outside a shopping mall, there was a scream behind me which made me pulled back, and I turned towards the origin of the noise.

Then I saw it.

A man in his twenties has just robbed  a female shopper and was now turning the corner in a bid to escape capture. Swinging my Canon 60D into action, I immediately selected the “Sports” mode (as it has the function of capturing several frames within a short time), and press the shutter button without releasing. Just as the robber ran past me, he saw me , took something out of his coat and threw them at me. I ran for cover but soon realised that it was coins that he was throwing at me, probably to make me duck for cover and hoping that in doing so, I would fail to capture his facial features using my camera.

Duck, I did. But not before snapping 3-4 shots of the robber. Knowing that he couldn’t stop me in front of all the people, the robber continued running. When the police came, I went forward to give my statements.

In the midst of the questioning session, I happened to steal a glimpse at the victim, and got a pleasant surprise. It was Sarah!  We have not met since we left primary school. I have brought a notebook on the last day of school to collect the contact details of my classmates. I have managed to jot down all the contact details of my friends except for Sarah, who didn’t turn up for school because she was unwell that day.

And you know what is the most amazing thing? Sarah remembers me. She gave me a smile before walking over. It was funny how we recognised each other although we have not seen each other for thirty years.

“How have you been?”

“Hi Sarah,” I grinned. “It’s been a while.”

And that reply is enough. Both of us laughed and much was said in silence.

“May I have your contact?” I asked.

And that’s how I complete the list of contact of my primary school friends – thirty years later.

Sometimes, we can’t find what we are looking for. Because somehow, what or who we are looking for will come looking for us in the most unexpected moments.

And this is what makes life beautiful.


One thought on “Personal Recount Writing #2

  1. Feared it was a kind of new falsely religious blog, but not at all…
    I ‘m reassured : I only found simple words to describe complicated things…and there are some interesting subjects. Googled “flattery”, checking the spelling of that word – I ‘m French – and I stumbled upon your blog….


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