Notable presentations on Slideshare for April 2011

In recent years, there has been an rapid emergence of visual dominance in presentation slides, where imagery supersedes words. There are numerous authors currently leading this trend, and one of them is Garr Reynolds (who have basically introduced Presentation Zen to the world, emphasising simplicity over text-filled slides) – the other being Nancy Duarte, who has provided the more technical aspects of presentations through her books “Resonate” and “Slide:ology”. Presently, this has changed the landscape of presentation.And the website TED (Technology, Entertainment and Design) has further pushed the new boundaries of presentation further in light of making this world a better place through the use of technology, entertainment and design.

As the presentation landscape is changing, a website is acting as an online platform for such presentation style to take off – Slideshare. Up-to-date information (most of them pertaining to businesses, advertising and presentations) are provided online for users to browse and learn. What makes Slideshare stands out from other websites is that it not only provides updates on the latest trends for online users, it also strives to inform, entertain and at times, persuade – and research has shown that visuals works better than text.

This blog post strives to bring highlights of certain presentations that might be of relevance to educators and business professionals. For this month of April, the following presentations are worthy of highlighting:

1. FAIL by Nick Smith: The ironic thing about human nature is that we tend to move towards pleasure and shy away from pain. And failing is pain. But here’s the catch: Without failing, there can almost be no success. How else can one succeed when one does not discover the pitfalls of success through failures? And research has now shown that the excellent individuals who excelled in their respective areas of expertise depends not so much on their intellectual abilities. EQ doesn’t help as much in this aspect as well. The key is in repeat practice.

2. Don’t be rich. Live rich by  The lifestyle of digital nomads may only be just beginning. Two individuals in their 30s who choose to lead the trend has produced this thought-inspiring slides on their lifestyle and what works as digital nomads.  Who can say that working independently as a business professional is not a valid option nowadays? The website creators feels that it is possible. This is in line with the ideas of  Timothy Ferriss , the renowned author of ‘”The 4-hour Work Week“.

3. How conversation helps you to build a strong personal brand by Professor Steven Van Belleghem:  This is a good presentation on the advantages of building conversations with others through social media. A good highlight is the advice on being active on social media every single day, 365 days a year. Like all things in life, building up a large social media fan base requires the same amount of commitment and dedication.

4. A New Influence by Jason Keath: With the rise of social media, the world is hearing more alternative voices than those expressed by the media and the publishing industry. Trend-leading bloggers with insights are on the rise and the numbers may well surpass the number of media content providers as the years go by. Businesses are leveraging on social media but the influence of social media goes way beyond that – right into the realms of individuals’ lifestyle, entertainment channels and the like.

For those interested in keeping ahead with the latest trends through easy-to-digest visual slides, Slideshare is the place to go to.  More presentation slides for the month of April can be seen here.

Till the next update.


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