Be a People Dancer

What is dance?

Dance is the movement of vitality, the celebration of life, the echoes of emotions.

It can be done in solitude or it can be performed with a partner or in groups. One can totally immerse oneself in the graceful ballet movements of an adagio, engage in a sensuous embrace that only Argentine Tango’s Sentada can offer or dance away to the rhythm of a tap dance. Regardless of the dancer’s companion or the types of dance that they engage in, the dancers are always at ease with themselves and their environment. They face life, embrace life and love life.

Seen in this light, dance is the true metaphor of life.

But dance – no matter how graceful or elegant it looks or seems to be – do not last long. When the dancers bow, the light dims and the curtain falls, the performance would have come to an end. While the dance performers may be awarded a standing ovation by their audiences,  it cannot be denied that the audience’s appreciation is the farewell gift that closes the night.

This is where dance separates from life. Dancers’ passion are lifted up by the enthusiasm of their audiences. When it comes to life, we should lift up others’ passions with our enthusiasm.

There is a group of individuals who live their lives engaging in other people’s passions. They love to hear stories of adventures from others, understand the passions and interests often lying dormant in them. They are the catalyst that unleash the potential and talent in others, enabling others to know that they are bigger than life, and that anyone can achieve their dreams if they want it badly enough and if they try hard enough. They give others hope when there seems none to be given.

These individuals are what I call the People Dancers.

But it is important to note that people dancers are not “yes-men” or sycophants. They do not pander to people’s every whims and fancies. They are not chameleons who switch personalities at will to win favours from others.  And they are definitely not spineless beings who thrive on flattery.

On the contrary, People Dancers are strong, determined and love others for who they are while not forgetting themselves in the process.

People Dancers have dreams and life goals. And they will stop at nothing to accomplish them. However, they also understand that life is too boring to tread on alone. They need companions, in the same way that the hobbit Frodo Baggins requires companions in his quest to destroy Sauron‘s ring in The Lord of the Rings.  They understand that more can be achieved through teamwork and collaboration than sheer individual efforts alone.  And the only way to achieve strong rapport with others besides having a single goal is to help others achieve their dreams. And to do that, they need to understand the interests and passions of others.

So, People Dancers dance with the people, dance with their passions and dance with their lives. They are willing to lend a listening ears to others, place themselves in the shoes of others and go the extra mile to help them achieve their dreams. And all this, they do them with sincerity and with a moral code that everything that they do are beneficial to both themselves and to others – bringing no harm whatsoever to anybody, be it physically or psychologically.

People dancers are not born as one. They are nurtured into one- which means that any one can be one.

Be one.


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