Start your journal of Gratitude, Giving, Knowledge and Wisdom

A way of aligning our passions, aspirations and goals in life with making this world a better place is to start writing a journal.

This idea is not new and I have come across it a few years ago in some books I am reading but like some of us, I never develop the habit of doing it.

Nevertheless, for this year, I have been writing my thoughts on such a journal and find it very useful. There are many ways of  writing such a useful journal and mine is merely one methods among many.

Nevertheless, you might find the technique useful.

I have divided my journal into 4 columns (2 columns per page), namely gratitude, giving, knowledge and wisdom. Thus Gratitude (left column), Giving (right column) will be on one page while Knowledge (left column) and Wisdom (right column) will be on another.

The ways to write and the reasons for writing these 4 columns are as follows:

  • Gratitude: Express your gratitude in your life by writing whatever comes into your life. In another words, write your gratitude down whenever you receive something from someone or from some fortunate life events. For the latter, it often depends on our perceptions. Try to see the positive side of things, and we should have a lot to be grateful for.   This column is very useful for us to develop humility and a keen interest to learn something new.

  • Giving: We can’t receive from others all the time. We need to give back to others as well. My personal practice is to give back to others whenever I can do so. Giving need not be material wealth. This is just one among several things we can give. We can also give knowledge to others – either to keep them updated on developing trends or to help them resolve some doubts. We can also learn to provide encouragement to our friends when they are down. We can also give our time to do charity work in voluntary organisations.  Writing our deeds of giving down on a journal will encourage us to do more. It will be great if the record of our deeds of giving surpasses our deeds of receiving (gratitude column) on a daily basis. Only when we give can we receive.

  • Knowledge: Be it during our conversations with others or through books that we have read, we often learn new things and information that we can put to good use. Writing them down in this section actually enables us to align the knowledge that we have learnt with how the knowledge applies in our lives. This will enable us to align the knowledge learnt with our life goals to make this world a better place.

  • Wisdom: Wisdom here refers to the insights drawn from knowledge. For instance, learning how to communicate well is knowledge. How we apply what we have learnt to our workplaces and to our interpersonal relationships with others is wisdom.  Understanding the technicalities of the cameras we are using is knowledge. Using this technical knowledge to enable us to take the photos that we want is wisdom.

Start a journal today, and see the positive change in your life.


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