Students’ Personality Assessment in the Classroom


There’s been a rise in home schooling / home education recently, whereby children need not register formally at an educational institution for an academic education but rather, they are educated from home. The onus of being an educator for these children usually falls on their parent(s) , who put in time and effort to educate their children in the midst of their work . There have also been instances where one of the parents left their job to coach and educate their children.

Home schooling / Home education is getting more common and popular these days due to the fact that some parents feel that their children are not given enough attention by educators in school. This is not a fault of the educators but that of the traditional educational system, where numerous children are placed in a group within a classroom to be educated by an educator. Over time, the number of students in a class has increased drastically, to a point where educators are facing the challenge of catering to the different personalities, learning and communication styles of the children. However, the cause of this challenge faced by the educators does not lie with the increase in classroom size but rather, in the fundamental mindset of group education.  From an idealistic perspective, each student should be educated by an educator on a one-to-one basis. This will enable the students to learn at their own time, considering the late developers and the fact that each student is different in their personalities, communicating and learning styles. But of course, the lack of manpower and resources almost makes this endeavour an impossible task.

This probably explains the sudden intrusion of the students’ parents into their children’s education. And in some cases, students are now doing better with home schooling / home education. Does this spell the end of all educators’ responsibilities worldwide? I do not think so. Ultimately, not all parents have the time to engage their children in home schooling / home education, considering today’s hectic work pace. So, there will still be a substantial number of children who will pursue a traditional education. However, as educators, we should not let these students down in terms of their opportunity to learn. We need to improve our students’ learning progress.

To achieve this objective, a students’ personality assessment test is recommended. This test should gauge a student’s personality, communicating style and learning style. It should be introduced at the start of a student’s first school term, before the commencement of classes. Implementing this test at secondary level and above will be ideal, since students younger than twelve might not be attuned to such test, thus rendering the test inaccurate. The results of the students’ test should subsequently be stored in the school’s online databases, to be retrieved by different educators who are coaching the students in class throughout the semesters. In this way, by reading through each student’s personality, communication and learning styles, the respective educators are able to guide each student in their classes better.  This is probably the next best solution, after individual coaching. This technique may prove to be rather time-consuming for educators but the benefits of enabling students to learn better in their classes far outweigh any inconveniences that may be caused. I believe that any educators who regard teaching as a calling rather than a job will be able to identify with this.

Understanding each student’s personality in a class is paramount to being an effective educator in the classroom.


One thought on “Students’ Personality Assessment in the Classroom

  1. Assessment testing has become increasingly popular in education and in the workplace. Whether a student is homeschooled or has a traditional education, they should have assessment testing because it prepares them for future material in class and it will help with job searching. A lot of companies are using a PEO to give pre-employement tests. These tests can be as simple as a personality assessment to testing your skills for a particular job.


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