Creativity and Commercialism


Creativity and commercialism do not go together.

This is an issue that all creative people face. And this is also the primary issue that prevents them from assimilating well in the workplace. While creativity encourages creative individuals to create products/services that are entirely new, organisations are often looking at profits and practicality more than aesthetics and creations. This conflict in interest often surface in disagreements in the workplace.

This observation has created a dilemma for educators.  The workplace has been encouraging educational institutions to encourage students to be more creative and “think out of the box”. However, at the same time, organisations often stifle creativity in the face of profitability. This has created a catch-22 situation: when educators nurture students to be more creative, the students often do not blend in well in the workplace; when the educators stop doing so, organisations are requesting for more employees who are able to explore issues from multiple processes (which requires a certain degree of creativity).

There is probably no solution to this dilemma. Till the day that organisations are more receptive to new creations in the face of undetermined profitability for the introduced products and/or services, creative individuals will continue to be a thorn when it comes to profitability. This is because creative individuals are always moving out of their comfort zones but organisations often do not.

In this aspect, educators can only do so much. Organisations have to put in the effort to move out of their comfort zones, take some risks and accept creativity to complete the loop.


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