Common mistakes made by communicators


There are many good practices practised by communicators (which mean all of us). In this aspect, there are books available which seems to highlight some of them but do let me list down the ones that I feel are the most relevant and useful to communicators. We should try to practise the following often but it’s good to know that all of us make mistakes sometime so do not despair if we make mistakes once in a while. We learn from them.  Do come back for updates as I will be adding more to this list over time:

  •  Provide a closure for all communications.
  •  Develop the virtue of patience. 
  •  Be succinct and concise in your communication.
  • Use “Please“, “Thank you” and “Sorry” often in your communication whenever it is appropriate.
  • Smile.
  • Make a decision but always strive to have a consensus first when working in a team.
  • Be receptive to the ideas of others.
  • Listen with no prejudice or biasness.
  • When working in an organisation, have a “we” concept, not “I”. Collectivism should take precedence over individualism in this case.
  • A very good advice to follow will be this: “I work not for my own happiness and benefit but to alleviate the suffering of others”.
  • See the positive in every situation. Speak positively in every conversation. Write positively in every communication.
  • Give compliments rather than criticism in every aspect of our lives. When there is an area to improve, it’s best to consider this as an “area for improvement” rather than a “weakness” or a “flaw”. 

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