Advancement and proliferation of technology


I will like to talk about one of the two changes as mentioned in my previous post: communication technology.

As the years passed, there have been more and more educational institutions using technology in the classroom. Technology has always been used in the field of business and the benefits it provides us are immense. Just consider the following:

  • Business professionals are able to make calls to external parties regardless of their geographical location and are now able to check emails on their PDA phones too.
  • Video conferencing has become the norm for most organisations and while communication is audio in the past, visual communication is now possible.
  • Instant Messaging (IM) systems such as MSN and Yahoo Messengers are providing us with the possibility of communicating in real-time, and this is one advantage IMs has over emails.
  • Internet has also provided business professionals with relevant information unlike in the past, where there has always been a lack of channels to search for relevant information. Media professionals seem to benefit the most in this aspect.
  • However, the most prevalent usage of technology for business professionals should be Short Message Service (SMS), where I believe millions of messages are now being transmitted and sent even at this point in time.

Now, it is time for educationists to employ technology in the classroom as well. It is important to note at this point that technology itself cannot enhance student learning. The fact that students are IT-savvy does not – in any way – improve their chances at learning. The only change for students before and after the introduction of technology is simply the fact that they are acquiring information at a more rapid rate than before. However, the students will still need assistance when it comes to digesting information, self-reflecting on how the newly-acquired information can be applied to their daily lives and understanding the essence of gaining inner wisdom.

It is only with a combination of technology (which supplies data and information to the students) and educationists (which guides the students as facilitators) will students benefit from their learning experiences.


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