Are administrative matters taking a toll on educationists?


From what I have learnt from personal experiences, it seems that the higher one rise in the corporate ladder, the more administrative matters one is tasked to manage and handle. This applies not just to educationists in the education sector but all other organisations as well.

Many of us are able to adjust and cope with the changes but the fact is, are we sacrificing the activities that we love? Let’s consider this question within the sales profession. An individual who has entered the sales profession will probably be someone who has a passion for communicating with people, and this is what he or she does best. When he or she is given a more senior post, the administrative matters get intensive and he or she will often lose the opportunity to interact with clients. Even in the best case scenario, client interaction is minimised to a large extent. Similarly, when an educationist first joined the teaching profession, it is because of a higher calling. Should educationists be asked to managed administrative matters more than teaching, educationists might lose the zest and passion to stay in this profession over time.

Please do not misunderstand. In every organisation, there is always administrative matters to attend to and as an employee, it’s only right that we should do our best in achieving this. In the education sector, designing the curriculum, handling student activities and marking of tests/ exams are part and parcel of an educationists’ work scope and as educationists, we should do it with enthusiasm and zest. In fact, these administrative tasks should be fulfilling instead of stifling. However, this is only possible if there is a right balance between administrative tasks and teaching. It seems that more often than not, educationists are often laden with administrative matters and this has in turn affected their potential to teach to the best of their abilities. And a large number of educationists have left the profession because of this.

Therefore, to reduce the turnover rates for educationists, it is important for school administrators to take a long, hard look at the educational systems in the respective districts and areas to ensure that the right balance between teaching and administrative matters are maintained. The same measures can be considered for other professions as well.


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