Humane qualities lie in the Arts, and not the Sciences


In modern capitalist societies, many social ills are developing. The elderly gets abandoned, the young pursues materialistic possession, the poor are struggling to survive, the underprivileged are suffering, mortality rates are rising and divorce rates are increasing.

Why is this happening?

There are many factors contributing to this, but a primary determining cause is that of the emphasis on the type of education that the young receives.  And when it comes to the fields of study, there are predominantly two types: the Sciences and the Arts. Let’s take a look at each of them.

The Sciences are great. They improve the well-being of society in terms of scientific advancements and breakthroughs. They enable more goods and services to be produced and hence keep the economy running. They enable transports to be improved and made global travelling possible. In fact, it will be reasonable to say that they are the very pillar of a capitalist society, without which the global economy and societies will collapse. Since the early ages, technology and science have always been with us. And always will be.

However, it’s also these qualities of the Sciences (calculated precision, rigid structures and fixed formulae) that also make it cold. Just think of a computer: a calculated, precise and accurate machine. But it’s just cold. So, what is meant by the term “cold” in this context? Well, it simply means that science has no emotion, no warmth, nothing that will make us feel at ease or at home. Just think about it. Although the adage that “change is the only constant” is true, it’s simply an arduous process to keep up with technology. Technology simply keeps on moving without a care in the world. Humans simply try to catch up with it. Just ask any computer programmers.  In the realm of science, machines are the masters and humans are the slaves.

When it comes to the Arts, it is different.  All humane qualities are found in the arts. Arts is what makes us human. And it seems that humans around the world are losing touch with this part of their selves. Just flip the papers and you will realise the adverse consequences of our choices in prioritising the sciences over the arts. Global warming is getting worse. Pollution is literally evicting people from their homes. Conflicts are advocated more often than amicable settlement. A major cause of this is the lack of emphasis on the education curriculum in educational institutions (In fact, it’s been reported that MBAs and business studies are favourite choices of students, with the banking sector being seen as a good starting point for a great career).

Humans are now reaping the seeds that they sow. This is the result of our reliance and dependence on the sciences. This is what happens when science dominates and the arts fall. This is what happens when we value science for their “money-making” abilities and neglect the arts. This is what happens when our humane qualities are sacrificed for more dough.

It is time to bring the arts back. Let the students get the feel of what is psychology. Let them learn how to think freely and learn what it means to live a full life. Let the students get the feel of what is philosophy and religion. Let the students feel the power of introspection and learn that happiness can only come from within. Let the students learn what history is. Let them explore the past so that similar mistakes will not be made again. Let the students learn geography. Let them investigate the wonders of nature and how it feels like to be one with nature. Let the students learn fashion design. Let them admire the aesthetic sense of cut and style. Let the student learn photography. Let them look through the lens and learn the beauty of composition.  Let the students learn mass communication. Let them indulge in the art of conversation.  Let the children learn how to paint. Let them appreciate how random brush strokes are able to create images of beauty. Let the children learn how to dance. Let them realise the true significance and symbolic value of the phrase “poetry in motion”.

Forget the technicalities. Embrace our imagination and natural self, for this is what makes us human.  Do not be a cog in the machine. Be one with the world.  Find yourself. Only then can we develop a utopia world where human love triumphs over everything else.

So start now.

Be an artist.


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