Having quick-wittedness helps in communication


individuals are known to be good communicators because they have the ability to give quick replies and these are usually witty responses. Some of us call this attribute “quick-wittedness”. It seems that only some of us possess this talent while the rest don’t. I will rather put it this way: Not all of us are attuned to displaying this quality. This is especially so for the frank and the forthright individuals, who prefer to give a straight answer.

It is important to note that there is nothing wrong with both approaches and in my opinion, both works equally well. However, speaking in a quick-witted manner often has the added advantage of having an opportunity to add humour into a conversation, and humour is often the catalyst that builds rapport between individuals.

Consider the following example:

Johnny: Hi George, how are you today?

George: Never been better. I will be going jogging in the early evening, and having a sumptuous dinner afterwards. It’s Sports Day today, you know?

Johnny: It’s Sports Day everyday, isn’t it?

George: Haha! Yeah, it sure is.

As can be observed in the abovementioned example, Johnny has a good understand of his friend George as he knows that he is a sports enthusiast, often engaging in different sports activities everyday. Therefore, Johnny wants George to realise the fact that he knows George’s interests. However, if Johnny were to say it straight (“You sure love sports”), the opportunity is lost for a chance to throw in a little bit of humour. Therefore, he rephrases his reply, throws in a little bit of humour and and made the declaration that everyday is a Sports Day. It’s interesting to note that Johnny is declaring Sports Day not only for George but for everyone. This creates an inclusive involvement for all of them and along the way,  gives George an impression that Johnny supports his endeavours, and a stronger rapport between them results.

One can practise and develop this aspect of communication by watching lines from television serials or films and providing quick-witted responses to some of the characters’ replies. Over time, we can improve and remember, never lose the touch of humour while doing it.


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