Be expressive when it comes to communication


I have realised over time that some individuals are considered by many to be good communicators simply because they are expressive. This can appear in two ways:

  • facial features, gestures and body language
  • Written communication

Firstly, let’s look at the effect of facial features, gestures and body language. The most prominent factor here will be his or her facial features since people usually greet someone by looking at their faces. Therefore, an individual who is able to express surprise, happiness, anger, shock, confusion, delight and many other emotions with clear distinctions between the expressions are able to attract a larger number of people as compared to someone with a rather straight face regardless of the situations. The latter is often considered not as good a communicator when compared to the former. This is often not the case but regrettably, most of us make this mistake.

While some may be expressive in their expressions, there are some of us who are expressive in their writings. These individuals’ writings are usually metaphorical in nature and to a certain degree, beautiful in a literary sense. While facially-expressive individuals have an edge over individuals in terms of personal communication with others, individuals who are linguistically-expressive are usually able to evoke emotions when giving a speech.

Of course, there are those who are skilled in both aspects of communication but this is rare. And it’s very encouraging to realise that both the abovementioned factors of communications can be learned. It may be innate to some but for the rest, it can be nurtured and developed.

So, the next time you communicate with someone, be expressive in both your facial expressions and words. And observe the differences in their responses to you.


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