In communication, focus on the reasons


Whenever communication takes place, it is very important that one presents the reasons behind his or her intention(s) to other party. This is important since this is among the primary factors that creates a mutual understanding between two parties. In the classroom, educationists should explain their reasons behind all the actions that they are taking, regardless of how simple the actions can be. In the office, an employee or employer should also explain every action that they are taking so that all will move in the same direction.

Making assumptions that others can read one’s mind is a misconception. Unless we are talking about very intuitive individuals, it’s almost impossible for another to read another’s mind. Even for the most intuitive individual, he or she will only be able to read someone’s mind accurately some of the time, and not all of the time.

Our intentions should always be for the greater good. Goals and efforts that are altruistic in nature and are beneficial to mankind are usually agreeable with people. And these are goals that we should strive to achieve.

And this is the direction that CEOs of companies and educationists of academic educations should move towards. If organisations are able to take the steps in reducing pollution in the face of economic activities and educational institutions are able to encouraged students to engage in altruistic activities from young and to help one another, the world will be a better place.

So, we should all set a noble goal (such as improving the quality of the environment) and work towards it.


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