Changing trends of communication


It seems that with the advances of technology such as SMSes and emails, the ways that we communicate are changing. This change is not prevalent within educational institutions since interactions still take place within the context of the classroom on a daily basis. However, this is not the case once students graduate and enter the working society.

Other than working colleagues, one’s social circle usually becomes smaller as time passes. Ironically, this is despite the fact that it is so much easier to communicate with another through the use of technology. Nevertheless, it could be due to the fact that technology – being the intermediary agent – has disrupted our traditional ways of direct interpersonal communication. Electronic communication simply does not have the same degree of personal touch than face-to-face communication. Try comparing between the two scenarios of doing e-shopping on the internet and being attended to by a shop assistant.

Outside the office, the chances of interacting with another is rather low. This may especially be so in the Asian context, where some are not attuned or receptive to a stranger initiating a conversation. A way to circumvent this barrier to communication will be to communicate in an event whereby there are opportunities to begin a conversation, and with good reasons. The events I am referring to are seminars, courses and voluntary activities that enable us to pursue our altruistic endeavours.

Especially noteworthy are altruistic endeavours since these are endeavours that enable us to both contribute and help the less privileged while meeting people who has the proclivity to help others as well. The altruistic nature of the members engaging in the acts of altruism thus becomes the bond that pulls the members together.

Therefore, it seems that in this time and age, helping others is one of the best ways to communicate with others in the midst of pursuing a similar endeavour.


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