To expand our horizons, we have to travel


I realise that travelling is not only to relax and enjoy the scenic landscape of a different culture but also to learn. Through our different interactions with individuals of varying custom practices and perspectives, we get many insights from such experiences. 

Let’s consider a visit to Ho Chi Minh City. In the country, the majority of the vehicles are bikes rather than cars. While there are some who perceived the ownership of cars over bikes as an indicator of their improved lifestyle, the local residents consider bike as a common form of transport. In fact, most of them have considered bikes to be a ideal form of transport in their country. It seems that there is a difference in perspective here.

The idea of minimalism can be learnt from this experience and similarly, this concept can be applied to the field of interior design whereby residents are able to maximise the usage of their homes despite the scarcity of space. Therefore, it can be observed that understanding an aspect of the practice of a culture enables us to identify the logic and reason behind it. In addition, it enables us to apply what we have learnt into our everyday life, such as in interior designing for this instance. 

In addition, such knowledge gleaned from frequent travelling also acts as a form of catalyst to initiate a conversation.

Teachers who travel frequently often have a higher tendency to consider issues from a wider perspective. In addition, their students will love their stories brought back from abroad. Such teachers are gems in the education circuit, simply because they are often the ones who are able to integrate what they have learnt from travelling into their lessons. 

The existence of documentary programs has encouraged some of us to gather news from home. However, no programs will be able to provide the complete overview of a country’s cultures and practices. It is only by making the effort to be a global trekker are we able to fully discover the potential and benefits of travelling.


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