Defining networking


“Networking” is a common term being used to define the act of creating connections. There are many books stating the benefits of networking such as increasing one’s social circle, securing employment and many more. At the end of the day, one needs to ask oneself about the ultimate goal of such an endeavour. Are we networking to secure some gains for ourselves, such as making it easier to secure a job or closing a business deal? Or are we networking to help others reach their full potential?  From the existing literature prevalent in the market, it seems to suggest the former.  

We encounter many instances in our daily lives. When an old friend calls someone up to chat and close the conversation with an offer to sell him or her something, is this friendship or business? When someone approaches another for a conversation and ends it with an intention to join his or her organisation, is the conversation expressing a genuine concern? So, how does one define networkers? Are they acquaintances who seek to be our friends? Or are they simply individuals with a business card? Sometimes, it seems to be a thin line between friends and business associates.

Ultimately, I feel that true friendships are built on one’s care and concern for another. It is objective and does not expect any form of reciprocity. In this time and age where the pace of life is moving at a somewhat frenetic rate, it is good to find old friends and reminisce about the good old days. New friends are great but sometimes, the old ones are the most memorable.


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