Learning for the elderly


In recent months, there’s been a lot of encouragement for the elderly to pursue their studies locally. This is primarily due to their increased life span that can be credited to the medical advancement of the decade or possibly, the century. The decision seems to be compounded by the fact that the worldwide population is greying and hence, now is the best opportunity for us to learn from the experiences of the mature workers, be it in life or work.  

I agree with this initiative since we are all lifelong learners. In fact,  we should not only encourage more elderly to study but also invite them to share their working experiences. The young may have the energy and the drive to propel the economy forward but without the expertise from the mature workers who have acquired it through years of hard work,  progress can still be impeded. It is important that we encourage organisations to recruit employees from all ages with the relevant experiences.

Being a believer of having generalists as well as specialists within an organisation, it’s very encouraging to see initiatives being made to move in this direction. Only through the sharing of expertise and experiences between employees who have strengths in different areas can organisations improve. Age is not an important factor to consider when pursuing this endeavour.   

Ageism should not be advocated. Treasure individuals in their golden years and we can always make do without the golden handshake.


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